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Ellen Dodge, M.ED., CCC-SLP

Creating Connected and Emotionally Strong Kids and Families.  

The Parenting Partner provides the Communication Tools for Happier Kids and a Happier Home

If you are looking to feel happier in life and at home with your children, you have found the right Parenting Partner. The Parenting Partner offers an array of effective do-able communication tools, resources and coaching to bring more calm to your life and more connection with those you love.

Partner with founder and instructor, Ellen Dodge, to get your life and home calmer, so you will be good to go for each day—no matter what feelings the day holds!



What Does Every Parent Want? Happy Kids and a Happy Home!

The Parenting Partner is now offering the Family Feeling Starter Kit which is designed to help all members of your family the ability to understand exactly how you are feeling. Learn simple ways to create a happier home where everyone can work out problems with less angst, exhaustion, and hurt feelings. Enjoy 7 simple and easy to understand “recipes” so you can BE with your kids amidst hard-to-have feelings including anger, frustration, and disappointment. Work through these emotions to see and feel them in an entirely new way. This kit was tested with real families with real feelings and ALL said roughly the same thing…

“I wish my parents would have had this when I was a kid.” 

Family Feeling Starter Kit: I’d recommend this to others in a heartbeat! 

I wish I could fully describe to you how relevant I found these recipes. The language feels authentic, the strategies are so accessible and I was able to turn right around and be with my own 6 year old, who was having some hard-to-have feelings, in an entirely new way. 

I’d recommend this to others in a heartbeat! 

Tamara Delaney, Parent

Love The Parenting Partner’s Youtube Videos!

They are so helpful as they give parents the tools to manage not only everyday things but particularly where we all are placed in the world right now, facing many uncertainties and difficult times. The way you have created opportunities for children to handle their feelings and physically place the feeling in front of them! Classic! I have always felt when children use their body to show learning or feelings it seems to resonate with them and they appear to grasp the concept quicker than other methods.

Anonymous Parent

A huge grateful virtual hug and thank you from Perth Western Australia!

I am on to session 5 of your master class complimentary communication resource workshop. A big thank you. As a teacher, I thank you for these marvelous tools! I work a lot in a school who have taken on board Kimochis and I have listened to teachers using the tools and strategies. Now finally with your generous provision of the resource, I can understand where they are coming from!

Sue S., K - 2 Teacher

The Parenting Partner’s founder, Ellen Dodge, is an award-winning and internationally recognized speech-language pathologist who uses innovative approaches to champion emotional wellbeing and life success for families. Ellen is also the Educational Director, curriculum author and lead trainer for the Kimochis Social Emotional Learning Curriculum (Kimochis SEL). 

The Parenting Partner offers dynamic coaching and courses for parents to be given the KEYS to unlock your child’s inner world and replace challenging behaviors with positive communication. The motto at The Parenting Partner and Kimochis is: All feelings are okay, all behaviors are not. We hope you will explore and find the right resources for you and your family through TPP’s course platforms and social channels or reaching out to Ellen directly at

Visit Ellen on The Parenting Partner’s YouTube channel for free scenario-specific tools to help you and your family at home work through undesired behaviors.

Take what few minutes you have to see which video can help you out in your home. Don’t see a scenario that applies to you? Email Ellen at and she will respond with a video created specifically to target your situation.