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Parents During These Unprecedented Times.

Parent Education

Partner with the founder of The Parenting Partner and Education Director of Kimochis, Ellen Dodge, to bring more calm to your life and home. Her methods and emotional tools help families navigate the ups and downs of daily life and create emotionally strong and resilient kids.

By Parents, For Parents

If you are looking to feel more at ease within your home and current family emotions are running high, look to The Parenting Partner for support.

Whether you need quick tip resources, in depth videos or one-on-one parent coaching, The Parenting Partner is here for you. 

What We Offer

The Parenting Partner offers an array of effective doable communication tools, resources and coaching to bring more connection with those you love.

Our Motto

Both Kimochis and The Parenting Partner Strongly Believe:

All feelings are okay. All behaviors are NOT.

Family Feeling Starter Kit

Rather than jumping through hoops to figure out how to help your child express their feelings as opposed to acting out, melting down, or shutting down, bring home the Family Feeling Starter Kit to get immediate relief from challenging behaviors along with ways to increase the fun and happy in your home. 

These 7 Quick-start videos allow you to know exactly how to handle emotional situations with your loved ones and truly BE with them to completely transform how your family reacts to high-stress moments in your home.

“This is a life-giving course…Ellen’s work is profound, and yet she makes it accessible and engaging.”


The Master Class

This 5-session Master Class gives parents the keys to increase your child and family’s emotional intelligence to better manage upset feelings with positivity while making your home life easier and more fun.

When kids aren’t skilled at managing their BIG feelings, their behaviors can be worrisome or even hurtful to others. Research and everyday life scenarios tell us kids who are able to handle their emotions do far better in school and in life by knowing how to react more effectively in stressful situations.

I wish I could fully describe to you how relevant I found these recipes. The language feels authentic, the strategies are so accessible and I was able to turn right around and be with my own 6 year old, who was having some hard-to-have feelings, in an entirely new way.” 

–Tamara Delaney, Parent


You can schedule virtual one-on-one sessions with Ellen Dodge or connect with other parents to schedule group sessions with TPP for more customized solutions to whatever road blocks your family may be facing. 

TPP also offers keynote speaking for parental or educational groups. Reach out to Ellen directly for available openings and to schedule your session or Keynote opportunity.

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