Hi, I’m Ellen Dodge.

I am passionate about kids, having 3 children of my own, and have spent my entire career working and consulting with schools to help kids learn the tools to be awesome communicators. Communication is the foundational tool to well-being and a successful, happy life. It has been my life’s dream to bring social emotional learning to parents directly in their home and that is exactly what I have created with The Parenting Partner.  I want to partner with parents as everyone can use a positive partner and tools to make life at home a little happier and a little calmer. I believe the key to happiness, wellness, and life success lies in one’s ability to effectively and kindly communicate ideas and feelings.

For over 35 years, I have been a pioneering speech-language pathologist, often on the road and and teaching communication skills to more than just children on my caseload with special needs and/or speech and language challenges. I knew feelings fuel behaviors and all children benefit from being able to truly understand what feelings are and what practices are needed to regulate them in positive ways. I saw first-hand teaching these basic communication skills allowed children to express challenging feelings which, as a result, eliminated a lot of negative behaviors—throughout entire schools. This is when I wrote my first groundbreaking book for speech language pathologists, CommunicationLab, so all schools could teach these transformational tools to children.

I have been awarded the Honors of the California Speech and Hearing Association as the highest honor for making an impact in the field of Communication and Speech Disorders along with receiving a National Character Education award for my contribution to the public schools. I am the Education Director and the author of Kimochis Social Emotional Learning Curriculum which is helping increase the world’s kindness footprint as we intentionally help kids and teachers learn how to communicate feelings and be more connected. This allows us to better understand people, better be understood and have stronger more resilient relationships with others that promote well-being and success in life.

I am an internationally recognized leader in program development and training in the areas of speech-language pathology, character education, and parent education. My decades of research and training have allowed me to  publish numerous books and articles about the importance of teaching social-emotional learning tools and practices.

I live in Northern California in my empty nest with Finnegan the not so well-behaved dog.  I treasure my three older girls who are out in this world with their own BIG feelings and actively doing what I said to them each morning as they left for school.  Be kind. Change the world!  

The world needs changing. 

Let’s do it together. 


“Be kind. Change the world.”



Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Southern Methodist University

Master of Education (M.Ed.), Southwest Texas State University



Alumni Achiever Award, Southwest Texas State University

Golden Bell Award for Character Education, Marin County of Education

Fellow of the Association, California Speech and Hearing Association

Honors of the Association, California Speech and Hearing Association

Outstanding Achievement and Service Awards, California Speech and Hearing Association

National Character Education Award for Communication Programming in the Schools


Work with Ellen Dodge, Founder of The Parenting Partner, for more comfort and positive communication within your family or school.