“I’m so stupid!”

We’ve all seen or heard someone use those words. In this video, I am talking about tools you can use so that you and your children can switch from negative self talk to positive self-talk. It’s important to regulate our hard-to-have feelings. 

Here’s how you do it. Bring your frustration into the room. I believe it helps to have the Kimochis feeling pillows with you but it is not required. Name everything that is making someone feel frustrated at that moment. Once you name them, talk about all the things you are not going to let yourself do. Such as throwing things, hitting our head, saying big mean things that aren’t true, etc. A tool that helps is talking about something you want to do but that you are not going to do. Say that you want to yell, but don’t yell. It helps give people a warning about the size of your feelings. Another tool is watching how you talk to yourself as a parent. Make sure you don’t say big mean things about yourself in front of your children. Catch yourself and act positively towards what has happened. Take a deep breath and give yourself a redo.