7 Recipes to Help Bring More Calm and Happiness into Your Home

Why Bring Home the Family Feeling Starter Kit?

You can stop guessing or jumping through hoops to figure out how to help your child express feelings rather than acting out,  melting down, or shutting down.

Bring home the Family Feeling Starter Kit to get immediate relief from challenging behaviors along with ways to increase the fun and happy in your home.

About the Family Feeling Starter Kit


  • 7 recipes that give you the step by step way to bring more HAPPY and CALM to your home and help kids with BIG Feelings that lead to challenging behaviors
  • 7 Quick-start videos (2-5 min) so you can turn right around and BE with your kid when they are upset in entirely new ways which transforms family life
  • 3 Kimochis printable resources so kids can show rather then tell how they are feeling as they grow in ease and comfort with expressing themselves

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(Best for kids 3 – 12)

  • Unlock your child’s inner emotional world. Learn what’s really going on with them.
  • Talk to each other about feelings in WAYS that help everyone want to talk to each other.
  • Create kids that are more cooperative, flexible, connected, and happy.
  • Teach kids exactly what to say and do in emotional moments to make things better.
  • Help manage and de-escalate conflicts between siblings and friends.
  • Normalize big, difficult feelings so they are not scary.
  • Leave a legacy for what quality you want your kids to remember you for. 

“I wish I could fully describe to you how relevant I found these recipes. The language feels authentic, the strategies are so accessible, and I was able to Implement and relate with my own 6-year-old in an entirely new way.  I’d recommend this to others in a heartbeat!” 

- Tamara Delaney, Mother

“I love these parenting lessons are called recipes…You toss in question starters that are clearly stated in the quick lesson videos while sprinkling your own personality and fun! These recipes have brought us together as a family and have decreased behaviors at home as my kids now have the tools to share what they feel.”

- Adriana Carrillo, M.ED., LPC, Certified School Counselor

 “LOVE LOVE LOVE the starter kit. It’s such a great bite sized way for families to get into really practical and useful tools. Love the concept of recipes, and the idea that every time you use a recipe you find new ways to make it! Love it!”

- Michael Edgecomb, Parent








The Recipe to Raise Emotionally Strong and Resilient Kids to Bring More Calm and Happy to Your Home

Teach kids how feelings work so communicating feelings will work better for the entire family. When kids aren’t skilled at managing their big feelings, their behaviors can be worrisome or even hurtful. Research shows that kids who can handle their emotions and “bounce back” from upsetting moments do far better in school and in life. This recipe reminds that, all feelings are okay, but all behaviors are not!


The Recipe to Create Resilient Kids that “Bounce Back” from Mistakes and Challenges 

Everyone makes mistakes.  Everybody gets a redo so we can do better because we know better.

    RECIPE #3

    Starting The Recipe to Unlock Your Child’s Inner World

    Life is a mixed bag of feelings.  Strengthen family bonds by making feeling check-in’s a regular part of how your family rolls. Think about it. We check-in on so many other levels with family members on where everyone has to be and when. Taking the time to check-in and get an emotional weather report just makes sense, as feelings that are felt and shared can also be helped and supported when needed.

    RECIPE #4

    The Recipe to Calm and Help Your Child’s Feelings So They Don’t Default to Meltdowns, Tantrums, or Shutdowns

    BIG feelings can fuel meltdowns, tantrums and/or shutdowns. Compassionate listening is key as a child who is heard and understood is more likely to be open to create a positive plan for the next time this FEELING situation happens.   Then, act it out (the plan) so your child will not have to act out.

    RECIPE #5

    The Recipe to Stop the Fighting and Decrease Challenging Behaviors

    All feelings are okay.  All behaviors are not.  We want to stop challenging behaviors not feelings.  Remember, kind kids from kind homes can do unkind things. Suggest a redo so your child can practice handling this emotional moment in a kinder way.

    RECIPE #6

    The Recipe to Emotion Coach Your Child’s Hurt Feelings

    People who care what others are feeling can respond in more caring ways. Compassion makes everything better but not perfect.

    RECIPE #7

    The Recipe for More HAPPY and Positivity in Your HOME

    Kimochis Feeling Pillows and images can be used in simple ways to create family connections and traditions.  Here are a few touching ways to get started. Enjoy happier kids and a happier home because families that make time to create positive feelings, feel better and therefore will do better when emotions run high as life is a mixed bag of feelings!

    “Ellen’s communication strategies have changed the way my family and I communicate with each other and have improved the way I connect with others. Her tools work for adults and co-workers, too! I have seen remarkable changes in my children and self as a result of working with her and learning from her.”

    - Susan S.

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