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The Parenting Partner offers an array of effective doable communication tools, resources and coaching to bring more connection with those you love. 

We offer simple yet dynamic tools and courses for parents to be given the keys to unlock their child’s inner world and replace challenging behaviors with positive communication. TPP resources can be downloaded and printed so you have access to the necessary tools wherever you go.

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Love The Parenting Partner’s Youtube Videos!

 They are so helpful as they give parents the tools to manage not only everyday things but particularly where we all are placed in the world right now, facing many uncertainties and difficult times…

Anonymous Parent

Wanted something short and easy to understand…

I came to the Parenting Partner program to get very specific tools to better manage these real emotional situations. I wanted something short, easy to understand to put me immediately in action. And this is exactly what I got…

Charlotte Uvira, Parent

How relevant I found these recipes…


I wish I could fully describe to you how relevant I found these recipes. The language feels authentic, the strategies are so accessible and I was able to turn right around and be with my own 6 year old, who was having some hard-to-have feelings, in an entirely new way. I’d recommend this to others in a heartbeat! 

Tamara Delaney, Parent


Thanks to our partners for making TPP what it is today. 

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