What is the Master Class?

This 5-session Master Class gives parents the simple life methods to increase your child and family’s emotional intelligence so everyone can better manage upset feelings with positivity while making family life easier and more fun. 

When kids aren’t skilled at managing their BIG feelings, their behaviors can be worrisome or even hurtful. Research shows kids who are able to handle their emotions and bounce back from high-stress moments perform better in school and ultimately in life. 

The Master Class: Parent Benefits


  • Increase connection between you and your child so they will continue to talk with you as they grow older and life gets more complicated
  • Gain confidence that you’re equipping your kids with valuable social and emotional tools to raise their emotional intelligence (EQ) and handle tough feelings and situations in positive and productive ways
  • Kids that are more cooperative, flexible, connected, and happy
  • Unlock your child’s inner emotional world — learn what’s really going on with them
  • Become more connected, resilient, and communicative to increase all your relationships at work and home
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 (Best for Kids 3 – 12)

  • Increase feeling vocabulary beyond happy, sad, and mad and increase emotional intelligence for more successful relationships and overall well-being
  • Help children tap into their feelings so they can stay connected in positive ways and move forward when faced with challenges
  • Normalize BIG, difficult feelings that often feel overwhelming so your kids can learn to talk openly with you and others about their emotions
  • Teach them exactly what to say and do in stressful moments so they don’t default to melting down or shutting down
  • Manage and de-escalate conflicts so they develop and retain friendships while growing in self-esteem
  • Learn simple ways to make amends after a mistake so they can cultivate resiliency and be trusted to do the right thing when under stress of high emotions or mistakes
  • Get the empathy advantage as we know people who care about others make a difference in our world and have happier and healthy lives

 “This is a life-giving course…Ellen’s work is profound, and yet she makes it accessible and engaging.”


“Ellen’s communication strategies have changed the way my family and I communicate with each other and have improved the way I connect with others—her tools work for adults and coworkers, too! I have seen remarkable changes in my children and self as a result of working with her and learning from her.”


“Ellen’s teachings come from the heart and immediately touch your heart. She and her work are magical, and we’ve been so fortunate to have her help our family become more understanding and less reactive.”


Session Summaries


Why Emotional Intelligence Matters: Learn how feelings work and how they can work for you

Learn what the research tells us about Emotional Intelligence related to our overall well-being and success and how emotional tools can increase your happy factor in both your work and home life. In this opening session, learn how feelings work so you can work and relate better with your child and others thus building stronger, more successful and resilient relationships.


7 Helpful ways to talk about feelings so kids will open up about what they’re feeling

Discover 7 helpful methods to talk about feelings so your child will turn to you and talk about what they’re feeling. In this session you will gain tangible tools to unlock your child’s inner world so you can become more connected. Watch your child become more responsive to your positive parenting style as they begin to manage BIG feelings with less yelling and other challenging behaviors.


    Starting and Ending your day with more positivity:  Going Beyond Happy, Sad, Mad and Fine

    What if you could count on starting and ending your day with more positivity?  What if your child was able to tell you more about their school day than just saying everything is FINE?  This session will help make this happen as you learn a simple way to start and end your day and equip your child with the necessary tools to handle the mixed feelings that each day might bring.


    The Keys to Communication (Part 1): 4 Positive tools to help everyone better manage the stress of emotion without yelling

    There are 7 Keys to Communication that keep one connected and happier in relationships.  In this session, you will learn the first 4 powerful Keys to Communication so there is less yelling, door slamming, and/or shut downs in your home. Feel more in control of your own emotions that come with parenting and life so you feel less regret and more confident and comfortable with how you communicate under the stress of emotion.


    The Keys to Communication (Part 2): Cultivating a second-chance family motto so ALL can grow and learn from mistakes and stay connected

    In this session, you will learn the last 3 Keys to Communication that will empower your family to become a second-chance family who easily recovers and repairs after mistakes by “bouncing back”. Everyone makes mistakes when we have BIG feelings. Learn how to get your whole family in the habit of using helpful rather than hurtful words when emotions run high.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why take The Parenting Partner Master Class?

    If you are interested in having happier kids, a happier home, and more ease with parenting and in life then this course is for you.

    What can I expect to be better after taking and practicing the positive communication tools in the Master Class?

    Relief and fun are put back into your daily home life along with having do-able tools that will have you more able to manage the stressors of parenting that often leads to yelling and other behaviors parents commonly report having feelings of guilt and regret.

    What is the benefit to my child?

    Research tells us that people with a higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are healthier, happier, and do better in life. Kids who have parents with a higher EQ get the empathy advantage as they enjoy closer family bonds, have positive role models, and have parents that have the tools to teach and coach their child how to successfully manage feelings so they have more positive relationships and do well in school and life.

    What is taught in the 5-session Master Class?

    Click here to get a detailed summary of each of the 30-minute recorded sessions.  All sessions provide handouts to help make the learning stick!

    I am a busy parent so how will I have time to watch the Master Class?

    Five 30-minute sessions were created as a more do-able way to watch and absorb the communication tools that will help bring the fun, happy and ease back to family life.  


    Parents can pace the learning to fit what will work for your life.  You can watch sessions back to back, once a day, once a week, once a month as it works for your life and learning style.  




    • For parents with younger kids consider watching at your next playgroup.  Don’t have one yet? You can start one as parents are desperate to be with other like-minded parents who want what’s best for kids but who also will be your circle of friends who GET that parenting brings the full range of feelings and not just HAPPY.


    •  For parents with older kids consider bringing your close circle of friends together like you might a book club.


    • Consider watching with grandparents as this is an ideal way to help grandparents get on the same page and be a positive support as you do your best through the ages and stages of parenting.
    What age kids is this Master Class best for?

    3-12 years of age is the focus for this master class AND kids of all ages will benefit from their parents learning how to talk about feelings so their kids will be more likely to talk to you about their feelings and inner world.  

    Older kids benefit as they witness parents who have a more positive connection to one another and who model how to manage relationships, work, and life with the kind of communication you want your kids to go into life with!

    Are there any side benefits from taking this Master Class?

    Yes. Parents who want to keep or rebuild a close, happy, and fun relationship will find the recipe to a happier partnership as parenting can sadly take the life out of the adult to adult connection.  This is not a marriage course but rather a course to help grown-ups take the reins as you are both reminded and learn what makes people work and what makes people feel close and connected when parenting.

    Can schools or organizations bring this Master Class to their parenting community?

    Yes, and we recommend it!  Schools can purchase a license to own the Parenting Partner Master class so that parents and home can team to create confident, connected, and compassionate kids who are ready for the 21st century.

    If your school is interested in purchasing The Master Class email to learn more. 

    What are Kimochis?

    Kimohcis (KEY-MO-CHEE) means “feelings” in Japanese.


    Kimochis look like toys, but they are communication tools that give children the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships in order to make responsible decisions to handle challenging situations constructively.

    Learn more:

    What is The Parenting Partner’s parternship with Kimochis?

    Ellen Dodge is the Educational Director at Kimochis and curriculum author of the Social Emotional Learning curriculum that is in schools all over the world to help create connected, confident, and compassionate kids.  Go to to learn how you can bring Kimochis to your child’s school to help give your child the emotional intelligence advantage in life. 

    Do I need Kimochis to take The Master Class?

    You do not need the Kimochis to take and get benefit from The Master Class.  The Kimochis Feeling Pillows give your household a tangible way to make talking about feelings easy and fun.  Additionally, boys often can be more comfortable showing a feeling rather than telling a feeling as they grow in their emotional vocabulary and comfort with expressing feelings.

    Are Kimochis included in The Master Class?
    The Kimochis are not included in The Master Class but can be purchased at
    How long do I get access to The Master Class?

    You get lifelong access to The Master Class once you purchase it for your home.   Though all the  communication tools are easy to understand, parents will find that it can be helpful to rewatch sessions as you are growing in your own ability to use emotion coaching in your parenting.


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