In this video, I am teaching you a tool on how to help your kids manage their BIG, hard-to-have feelings, in hopes to make them smaller and more manageable.

I call today’s tool “The Size of the Feeling.”

By telling your kids to talk about how big or small their feelings are will help you grasp how strongly they are feeling. With younger children, it helps to use your hands to show the size. Try moving your hands closer or farther away. For older kids, you follow the same concept, but by asking them, although asking them to show the physical size on their hands may not be necessary. When you see and understand the size of their feeling, ask if there’s anything you can do to make the size a little smaller. Just as effective as this tool is to talk about hard-to-have feelings, we can also use the “size of the feeling tool” to talk about positive emotions and what we can do to make those positive feelings even bigger!